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Flight Training

The Cessna Program is the only integrated flight-training program in existence – flight and ground school lessons are designed by educational experts to work together for maximum enjoyment and knowledge retention. That means you’ll learn quickly and efficiently while having fun. We accomplish this by offering the Internet based instruction program (IBI) available for your personal computer, tablet or smartphone. This means you won’t have to carry books with you to study. You can take the materials with you anywhere and study anytime, as long as you have access to the internet. You’ll be familiar with your next lesson even before you get into the cockpit. At Endeavour Flight Training, you will fly the world’s most popular training aircraft, the Cessna Skyhawk. The Skyhawk’s safety record is unparalleled in the flight training industry. And you’ll benefit from the Skyhawk’s state-of-the-art avionics system featuring Garmin 1000 technology.

Flight Simulator

Flight Instructor


The regulations of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (Now called Department of Homeland Security) requires most foreign students to attend aviation-flight-training programs on M-1 student visas. Endeavour Flight Training is authorized by SEVIS and will issue a form I-20M-N, which will certify an applicant’s eligibility, only after students application for admission and TSA (Transport Security Administration) preliminary approvals have been received and the required documentation is on file. The M1-Visa allows the holders to train for individual or multiple courses and does not impose any previous experience criteria. The visa will be issued to cover the time expected for the student to complete the course and can be re-issued for any additional training that may be required to complete the course.

Step 1
Complete Application and Submit Application Fee.
Step 2
Recive Documents.
Step 3
Obtain VISA.
Step 4
Be Training in The U.S.

Endeavour Flight Training is FAA Approved for Private and Commercial Pilot Licenses and the Instrument Rating. It is important to know that our flight school is FAA Approved by choice, not because it is required.
Unlike many operators that choose to operate their schools under Federal Air Regulations (FAR) Part 61, we have chosen to become an FAA Approved School, which under FAR Part 141 requires: an approved flight training syllabus for each course, instructor standardization, supervision and stage checks by the Chief or Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, and regular FAA inspections of school facilities, aircraft, simulators and training devices, as well as student training records, and instructor records.
To insure the quality of training and to retain FAA Approval, our school must maintain at least an 80% first time pass rate for all graduates on FAA Flight Tests and a 90% pass rate for Examining Authority. Under FAR Part 141 the FAA grants Approved Pilot Schools many important concessions in course hours and requirements. For example, the FAA grants a 60-hour reduction in the basic Part 61 total time requirements for Part 141 schools commercial pilot training.

In our FAA Approved Ground School courses we use the state-of-the art Cessna Multi-media training system exclusively. The system is an integrated course of flight and ground instruction utilizing a training syllabus, video presentations, textbook and workbook, maneuvers manual, training syllabus, and one-on-one briefings and tutorials with your instructor. This approach to ground training allows each student to progress at his or her own rate and facilitates the record keeping necessary for Part 141 schools.

Training Rates 141 / 61



Approximate Cost.

Cessna Multimedia Training Kit $390.54*

Medical Certificate $100.00*

Faa Written Exam $165.00

Practical Test $700.00**

Dual Flight Hours, Cessna 172N G-500 (45 H @ $212.00) $9.540.00

10 Flight Hours Solo, Cessna 172N G-500 (10 H @ $155.00) $1.550.00

Ground School (35 Hours @ $57.00) $1.995.00



Approximate Cost.

Cessna Multimedia Training Kit $390.54*

Faa Written Exam $165.00

Practical Test $700.00**

Dual Flight Hours, Cessna 172N G-500 (40 H @ $217) $8,680.00

Ground School (35 Hours @ $62.00) $2,170.00



Approximate Cost.

Cessna Multimedia Training Kit Commercial Pilot $390.54*

Faa Written Exam $165.00

Practical Test $700.00**

Dual Flight Hours, Cessna 172N G-500 (20 H @ $217.00) $4.340.00

Dual Flight Hours, Cessna 172sp G-1000 (10 H @ $247.00) $2.470.00

RedBird FMX Simulator (Single) (50 H @ $152.00) $7.600.00

75 Flight Hours Solo, Cessna 172N G-500 (75 H @ $155.00) $11.625

Ground School (35 Hours @ $62.00) $2,170.00

Freddy Antolinez: +1 305 310 0066 / Alddy Antolinez: +1 305 298 6502

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ENDEAVOUR FLIGHT TRAINING Is a specially selected flight school. We maintain the highest standards in the industry to guarantee you exceptional and professional flight training.

Endeavour Flight Training will provide exemplary flight and ground instruction to students seeking primary and advanced flight training utilizing the revolutionary new interactive Cessna Computer-Based Instruction System. Exclusively through Endeavour Flight Training at Opa-Locka Airport, students will enjoy standard state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled safety while learning to fly in new Cessna Skyhawk 172 SP aircraft, the world’s most popular training aircraft.

Endeavour Flight Training, is dedicated to making your flight training easy and enjoyable. Whether your goal is to fly for a commercial airline company or simply to take your family and friends for a ride, we can help you to accomplish it.


The idea behind Endeavour is to share the vision for taking pilot education to new heights, to share the enjoyment of flying and the knowledge and experience gleaned from flying with the pilots of tomorrow. This concept seemed exactly to fit the idea ATP pilot and CFII/MEI, Freddy Antolinez, had in wanting to start a flight school. So the dream of Endeavour Flight Training was born.

Endeavour Flight Training, provides flight and ground instruction, recurrent and pilot proficiency training and small aircraft rentals. It is our goal to provide a fresh outlook and higher standards in these services than are currently being offered at Opa Locka Airport.

Endeavour Flight Training was founded in August 31, 2004 when President and co-founder Freddy Antolinez saw a need for a quality flight training center which would both serve the needs of local student pilots as well as being a prime location for an Flight Training Center.

Building on our commitment to offering top quality flight training and personalized service, Endeavour Flight Training has now expanded it’s flight training curriculum to include all FAA advanced ratings from Private Pilot through ATP, designed to take pilots on a logical progression of pilot training and experience to meet the pilot’s own personal needs. Our clients include busy professionals, business owners, law enforcement personnel, military personnel and aspiring career pilots all with a wide variety of specific needs.

Honesty, respect, integrity, excellence, teamwork, accountability, recognition and safety.


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